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Resume Builder (Danie B Trippin’ Vlog #3)

Since unemployment I’ve been tweaking my resume and producing demos. Even though this isn’t the most ideal situation, I’ve still been trying to laugh it off and have a good time. In fact, I even got to see Jagged Edge and Sammie in concert at The House Of Blues, which is something that I probably
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Lighting Is A Black Person’s Best Friend

I’ll be honest, I didn’t have much interaction with people who were not black until I moved to Orlando. Yes, I’ve worked with different races of people, but I grew up in Atlanta, which is a city with a booming black population. Needless to say, actually having friends and doing recreational activities with people who
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My First Time Celebrating Halloween

I’m typically not in to Halloween, but this year, I decided to participate. On our haunted cruise I dressed as a dead pirate. I watched three different make-up tutorials to figure out how to do make up, and thanks to Jessica Reyes, I was able to put together an outfit. Girl you look like death
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Bruno Mars At The Amway

Bruno Mars is the new age Michael Jackson/Prince. There. I said it, and here’s why. This past weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Bruno Mars for the first time in concert, and for two hours it felt like I was in another world! Bruno started the show with an auto tuned voice singing, “Are
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DMX Freaks Out On A Park Ride

What happens when DMX gets scared? Well according to this video, he screams until he can’t scream anymore! What as the rapper screams for his life while riding Orlando’s Sling Shot ride.   Recommend on Facebook Tumblr it Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

Another Former Disney Star In Jail

Goodness, do all former Disney stars go to jail? Orlando Brown, the actor from Disney’s That’s So Raven and the hit show, Family Matters, is currently two weeks in to his 180-day sentence stemming from a DUI charge. Brown ended up in jail after 4 bench warrants were issued for his arrest for failure to
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Young Juve Hits A Female

There must be something in the air that makes these young men think it is okay to put their hands on a female. Just last week, video footage of young Chicago rapper, Lil Reese assaulting a girl, and now up and coming artist, Young  Juve, is on video doing the exact same thing. Young Juve is the
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Police Video Of Zimmerman Raise Tension In Trayvon Martin Case

Tension rises to all new heights after ABCNews, aired a police surveillance video taken the night George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin. Earlier this week, media outlets reported Zimmerman’s side of the story, saying that he was indeed fighting for his life that night. According to Zimmerman, he shot Trayvon after he was punched in the nose,
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Orlando Brown Dead At 40

Former Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Orlando Brown was found dead in his downtown Baltimore home today. Brown, is probably best known for when he was famously injured in 1999 when a ref threw a penalty marker that struck his eye. His serious eye  injury is what some think may have even derailed his NFL career. The cause of
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