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My First Time Celebrating Halloween

I’m typically not in to Halloween, but this year, I decided to participate. On our haunted cruise I dressed as a dead pirate. I watched three different make-up tutorials to figure out how to do make up, and thanks to Jessica Reyes, I was able to put together an outfit. Girl you look like death
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Chris Brown Dresses Up Like A Terrorist For Halloween

Everybody is saying the Chris Brown is wrong for this latest stunt! Chris stopped by Rihanna’s Halloween party at Los Angeles night club, Greystone Manor, in full terrorist costume. The entertainer and his homies showed off their Halloween costumes on Instagram as he points his “gun” in the sky with the caption: “Ain’t nobody F***ing wit my clique!!!!#ohb” What do you
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Girl Shot After Being Mistaken For A Skunk

A nine-year is recovering from a gunshot wound after being shot in the shoulder at a Halloween party. The girl was shot because one of her family members thought she was a real skunk. The New Sewickley, PA police report that the girl was over a hillside wearing a black costume and a black hat with white tassel when
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