» Stop Making Mountains Out Of Molehills!

Stop Making Mountains Out Of Molehills!

Have you ever heard the saying that talks about making mountains out of molehills? So many times in life we are confronted with the smallest issues, but how we react to these small issues is what aids in making them bigger than they really are.

Many times we fall victim to impulse. Impulse is that instinct reaction that causes you to go off if someone looks at you crazy. It’s that urge to buy something that you know you can’t afford. Granted, the impulse reaction may be your first reaction, but it is not always the best reaction.

Impulse can land you in serious trouble, so when situations happen and you get that impulse reaction to curse out, slap, punch, have sex with, buy something, etc., learn to stop, and think about the consequence of whatever action your impulse is telling you to do. Decipher if the issue even warrants you to react in a big way or if there a more subtle way to address the problem. Remember that reactions determine our character, so before you go with impulse think of what kind of person you really want to be before it’s too late.

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