» So, I’ve Never Had A Christmas Tree

So, I’ve Never Had A Christmas Tree

By Danie B

As a child I remember decorating our Christmas tree with my family.

I remember making ornaments in arts and craft class, and I remember my dad making hot chocolate and biscuits for my brother and I every holiday season.

Holidays were definitely a big deal, until I grew up.

As an adult, I’ve never had my own Christmas tree, I’ve never decorated the house, and I’ve never carried on any of my families Christmas traditions.

Why, you ask? Maybe it’s because I was over 1000 miles away from family, so I wasn’t in the mood.

Whatever the case, this is the year all that will change.

I dressed up for Halloween for the first time this year, and thanks to Chad Pitt, I’ll be decorating my first ever Christmas tree.

I’m excited, and clueless at the same time, so watch out holiday isle in Walmart, Target and Dollar Tree; I’m comin’ your way!


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