» My First Christmas In Florida

My First Christmas In Florida

It’s the week of Christmas, but temperatures are in the 80’s and everyone is dressed in short shorts and tank tops.

The humidity is crazy because within five minutes of stepping outside, my hair got super frizzy.

I’ve seen Santa couple of times, and pray that suit and those boots have air conditioning and that Mrs. Clause packed him some extra sticks of deodorant and foot deodorizer in Santa’s backpack.

Yep, you guessed it this is my first Florida Christmas. My first Christmas where instead of craving chili, and hot chocolate, I want to go to the beach and eat popcicles.

I must say that living in place where the air doesn’t make my face hurt is great. Instead of snow, there’s rain, and instead of frost bite, there’s heat exhaustion, but it’s all good.

As of now, I don’t miss the blistering cold of the northeast, and I now see firsthand why all bird fly south in the winter.


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