» Madisyn Elise Sings Song Of A Movement

Madisyn Elise Sings Song Of A Movement

Who is that girl?


This is a question that is becoming more and more frequent each day 3o’clock rolls around, and this 13-year-old musical savant kicks off my afternoon radio show on JAMZ 96.3.

Well the time has come for you to put those inquiring minds to rest becasue Madisyn Elise is the name of the voice you hear on the upbeat “Danie B” theme song that is actually the Sound Junkies remix of her original song entitled, “Sirens Call.”

Now, even though, Madisyn gets the city jumping on a daily basis, her artistry runs so much deeper than your typical party anthem.

A personal experience with bullying motivated Madisyn to let her pen do the talking as she wrote a therapeutic song entitled “Crazy, Crazy.”

In the song Madisyn sings:

Crazy, Crazy, I am bleeding out the sores of my soul/Crazy, Crazy, why do they hate me/Sizzling burning, I’m cold.

Those simple lyrics are slowly giving a voice to teenagers around the world who deal with similar feelings of pain, hurt, and despair as a result of the  bullying pandemic that has plagued our schools.

The lyrics Madisyn penned are in fact so powerful that CNN recently ran a story that dug into the bullying experience that motivated her to write such a heartfelt song.

All in all, Madisyn Elise is a unique talent, and with Youtube views already in the thousands, her voice and the message behind her music is already spreading around the globe.

So, look out for Madisyn Elise; because I am beyond certain that this is just the beginning of her blossoming career.

Check Madisyn Elise’s powerful song, “Crazy Crazy”  below!




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