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Love Being You

I posted the picture above in honor of Throwback Thursday. As you see, there are a couple of my favorite cartoon characters from Nickelodeon, you know, the ones we grew up on like Doug, Angelica, Tommy, Chuckie, Skeeter, Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life and so on.

This picture stood out to me first off for the Nickelodeon characters and secondly for the message that’s on the pic that reads, “You loved them for their imperfections, love yourself for yours.” After I stumbling across this picture, I began to think of every cartoon character, super hero, and sitcom character I liked growing up, and I tried to come up with reasons why I liked them so much.

I liked Tommy from Rugrats because he was a leader, he was always trying to plan an adventure. However, if you really think about it, he kind a baby adrenalin freak. Of course we all know Tommy’s best friend Chuckie was rational and smart, but he was also a scary cat. I mean even Daffy duck was strong willed but hard headed! Moving on to one of my favorite sitcoms, do you remember Zack from Saved By The Bell? We loved the fact that he was cool, cute, witty, but we also loved him for being mischievous, sneaky, and sort of arrogant.

If we can love and laugh at the short comings of the cartoons and characters we watch on TV, then why can’t we do the same thing for ourselves? You may not always be the best person, but you are you, so learn to love you and everything thing that comes with being you!


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