» Lighting Is A Black Person’s Best Friend

Lighting Is A Black Person’s Best Friend

Lighting Is A Black Person’s Best Friend

I’ll be honest, I didn’t have much interaction with people who were not black until I moved to Orlando.

Yes, I’ve worked with different races of people, but I grew up in Atlanta, which is a city with a booming black population. Needless to say, actually having friends and doing recreational activities with people who were not black was something that was very new to me.

Now that I’m in Orlando, I have Caucasian friends, Latin friends, Asian friends, etc. and when we hang out, we love taking pictures. This, however is where we run into problems.

Different skin tones require different lighting when it comes to picture taking, and bad lighting has the power to take you from glam to YIKES!

Don’t believe me? Check this out.

This pic is from when I met Sabrina Carpenter. The lighting is not that great, and even though she looks great, I look horrible.

Now check out the pic from where the lighting is good for both of us! Same day, same pic, no photoshop or editing filters are used, and it looks 10 times better.

Same is true for Instagram filters. (Honestly don’t get me started on those!)  I honestly feel like all of them make me look discolored and just weird!

The next time that you want to take a pics with friends that have different skin tones, seriously consider the lighting because good lighting guarantees that everyone look good!

Check out some examples below.


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