» I Think My Apartment Is Now A Motel

I Think My Apartment Is Now A Motel

I Think My Apartment Is Now A Motel

Dear family, friends, college roommates and so on,

Since moving to Florida, life has been great.

I have cool new friends, amazing weather, I’m closer to family, and I’ve even opened up a hotel.

Well, I don’t really have a hotel, but that’s what it feels like it. Why did no one tell me that moving to Orlando meant that your house was everybody’s new vacation house?

Since moving here, I’ve had eight friends visit, my parents have come twice, and I’m literally booked with visitors almost every weekend from now through April. Did I mention that I haven’t even been in Orlando a year yet?

To compare, when I lived in New York, I had maybe five visitors for the three years I spent up there … big difference, right?

No don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that family and friends want to visit, but it’s just getting exhausting.

I’m sick of washing linen, having fresh towels, and an endless supply of food and refreshments in the refrigerator, so as of now, Hotel Danie is closed.

Yes, you can still come to the vacation destination of the world, the land of Mickey Mouse, the place of never ending sunshine, but you just can’t stay here.

I love you all,

Danie B


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