» Hey, I Get It: National Coming Out Day

Hey, I Get It: National Coming Out Day

Hey, I Get It: National Coming Out Day


As a minority, you struggle with the simple task of being yourself. You at times dim your light to make the masses comfortable or to keep from turning into a spectacle. You even subconsciously develop different versions of yourself. You act one way in front of certain people, another way in front of your friends and another way around your family.

Thankfully I’ve been learning that who I am – a big mouthed, big hair having, fun loving black girl from Atlanta, Georgia is good enough. I’m literally in the process of learning that there is nothing wrong with being my loudest, most authentic, and yes, “blackest” self and that my truest feelings are valid.

I have no clue, but I imagine the feeling of being afraid to be who you really are is something I share with the LGBTQ community. I also imagine that this is why coming out is such a big deal. I assume some people feel silenced, criticized, judged, etc. Granted I know that our struggles are different, but I feel that this is something we share.

So on this National Coming Out day, I send love your way and I and encourage you to explore the possibility of being you. Sure some people won’t accept you, some people may even turn their backs on you, but you’ll be free, and doesn’t the freedom to genuinely be you make it all worth while? For me, the answer was yes, what will you choose?

Written October 11,2017 

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