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Getting To Gold

There are so many times in life where we find ourselves wrestling and covering the scars with make up! What does this mean exactly? Well, wresting is when all hell is breaking loose on the inside, and the make-up is that front you put on like everything is okay on the outside.

Wrestling can be hard, and sometimes the wrestling matches of life get so intense that we just want to tap out! If this sounds familiar, know that God never gives you anything that you cannot bear! Think of a gold. When you see gold in the store, it’s shiny, glistening, pure perfection, right? Well did you know that gold is mined, and when it is taken from the earth it’s dirty, dingy, and doesn’t look to be worth anything? To get gold to look like the product you see in the store, it has to be heated up, twisted and turned to get all the impurities and imperfections out. It goes through tremendous stress and outlandish heat, to get to that shiny, glistening precious piece of jewelry you see in the store.

Know that in your life, to get to the unmatched beauty you’re destined to attain, you have to wrestle! You have to go through the fire, you have to go through that tremendous stress and outlandish heat. Often times you’ll have to front for the sake of your kids, your jobs, your family, but know that after that wresting is done, after the fire is put out, and after all the twisting and turning is done, you’ll come out much better than you did before. You won’t need that make-up front anymore because joy will come spewing out of you, so find refuge in knowing that your latter will be greater than your past and present!

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