» Criticize, Criticize, Criticize!

Criticize, Criticize, Criticize!

Criticize, Criticize, Criticize!

As humans, we have the opportunity to reason, and formulate our own opinions. While this trait makes us unique, and special, it also has the power to cause much pain because our opinions on certain things are not always positive.

Criticism is a part of our everyday lives. When you wake up in the morning and step outside, you open yourself up to criticism of the way you look, they way to talk, everything. While criticism can cause negative effects of person, it can also prompt improvement.

Criticism can be either destructive or constructive. Destructive criticism is criticism that’s dished out to breaks us down. This type of criticism may hurt our feelings, lower our self-esteem and damage our sense of self pride. When thinking or criticism I often think of the saying “stick and stone may break my bone but words will never hurt me.” This saying is the biggest load of crap, I probably had ever heard in my like. Words do hurt. They in fact have the power to alter our moods, psyche, and overall wellbeing! I know it may be hard, but strive to keep a positive attitude when it comes to malicious criticism. Don’t let what people say about you, your talent, or anything else alter how you feel yourself. Always take pride in who you are and only strive to be the best possible you can be.

Healthy criticism is constructive. Constructive criticism is criticism given to help you out. They provide a different perspective on how you see things. If a certain method you use to complete a task can be enhanced somehow, or if a certain shoe compliments an outfit better constructive criticism is the way to go. Sometimes we shut down this type of criticism, but when criticism is constructive meaning the person cared enough to offer another perspective on a situation we should at least hear them out. Granted you don’t have to adhere to the critique, but you should always find time to assess it and make the decision on how to govern yourself.

At the end of the day criticism is a part of our everyday lives. While some criticism is constructive and meant to enhance us, other criticisms can tear us down if we let them. Don’t let what people say about you alter who you are as a person. Learn to be the best possible you, and be comfortable in your own skin.

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