» Bruno Mars At The Amway

Bruno Mars At The Amway

Bruno Mars At The Amway

Bruno Mars is the new age Michael Jackson/Prince.

There. I said it, and here’s why.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Bruno Mars for the first time in concert, and for two hours it felt like I was in another world!

Bruno started the show with an auto tuned voice singing, “Are you ready?” and prompting us to “Scream!”

Before you knew it, the curtain was lifting and Bruno and his band were on stage standing in front of multicolored parallel panels. Then, bam, they go right in to Treasure.

He keeps the energy level high, introducing himself and his band, welcoming us to the show, telling us that he wants us to dance, and then he right into the next song, That’s What I Like!

The show is seamless. The lights, the big screens, the dance moves, the synchronization of the band and dance steps … everything!

The party just kept going and going and going!

One of my favorite parts of the show was when Bruno performed Calling All My Lovelies. During the breakdown of this song, Bruno brings out an old school cell phone, and leaves three different styles of messages on a young lady’s voicemail. After his last attempt at begging for her to pick up the phone through song, he’s on to the next girl/song with Chunky!

Bruno does every song from 25K Magic, and everything about it was magical.

About halfway through the show came another one of my favorite moments.

While performing Runaway Baby, Bruno rocks out on his guitar. This is another high energy song, and even thought the crowd is with him, he wants to take the energy level up a couple more notches! During the break down of this song, he asks why everyone is so quiet, and then says, “If y’all wanna be quiet, I guess I’ll be quiet too.”

He and the band then bring the music down so low that only he can hear it. The crowd goes wild! When Bruno is satisfied with the energy level, he brings the music back up and finishes the song. The whole thing was electric!

Bruno then gives the band a break and sings one of my favorite Bruno songs, If I Was Your Man. The whole arena is singing along, people have their cell phone lights on, it’s just a very intimate moment. Plus, Bruno’s voice draws you in with each note he sings.

He then leaves the stage and his pianist plays a solo. Moments later Bruno is back in a different outfit to perform hits like Gorilla and Just The Way You Are.

At the end of Just The Way Your Are, he introduces the band, and they all have their moment to shine. He thanks us for coming out, the stage goes black, and he’s gone.

The crowd cheers! Some start chanting “Bruno! Bruno!” and he’s back! The encore kicks off with Locked out of Heaven and the crowd goes wild!

After that comes the monster hit, Uptown Funk, and by this time, everyone is out of their seats, dancing and singing-a-long like crazy! The curtain falls, the show is over, but no one wants to leave!

I’ve been to many concerts, but this was by far the BEST show I’ve ever seen!

The production was intricate but not over powering, the band was extremely tight, the cues were on point, and Bruno was magnificent.


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