» Beware Of Dream Killers

Beware Of Dream Killers

Last night during the 2014 BET Awards, Lionel Richie was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award, and during his acceptance speech he said that three of his biggest hit songs, are the very same songs that people told him would ruin his career.

After sharing that with everyone, Richie said this:

“Soul is feeling, not a color. Talent is a God given gift and not a category. Out of the box is that magical place where true talent goes to live and thrive and breathe and may you never give that up.”

People are not always going to see your vision. People are not always going to believe in your dreams, but if in your heart, you know that something is right you, you know that you are meant to do something, you feel something greater than you pushing you in certain direction,  don’t let anyone tell you that you are wrong!

Beware of dream killers. The people that deter you and tell you that your dream is invalid. Follow that urge in your heart to be whatever it is you are meant to be.


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