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Be You!

Are you one of those people that lives each day trying to convince people that were are normal that you are not crazy.

If you are, STOP IT and accept your crazy! If you really think about it, we all have our own little crazy nuances, mannerisms, and other things that are unique to us and only us. These touches of indivisibility are what make up us, so stop trying so hard to blend in with the crowd.

If all of us were made in the exact same way, can you even imagine how boring the world would be? There would be nothing special about anyone, we’d be a bland species, and that’s no fun!

Learn to let your individually shine! So what if someone doesn’t like it or doesn’t get it! For every person that thinks you’re weird there is a person that thinks you’re the coolest thing since sliced bread. For every person that doesn’t like you, there are other people out there that adore all that is you, so start embracing all that is you today!

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