» At What Age Are You Considered Old?

At What Age Are You Considered Old?

At What Age Are You Considered Old?

The other morning I woke up from a wonderful night of sleep. Like every other morning, I reached for my phone and stayed in bed for about another half hour checking social media, TMZ, and reading CBS’ top stories.  After that I sat up raised my arms and tilted my head back for the first stretch of the day, and “OUCH!” I felt some weird shot of pain in the back or my neck and since then my neck hasn’t been the same. It hurts to turn my head, nob my head, even yawning hurts.

I have no clue how this happened. Did a simple stretch really cause me to strain my neck? Wait, I know these signs. These are the same signs I’m seeing in my older cousins. Does the fact that I’m walking around with a heating pad on my neck  smelling like menthol mean that my youthful years are coming to an end? OMG, I am getting old; I even have three gray hairs to prove it!

Why is this happening to me? I mean, I know this is how life works, but I’m still in my 20’s; why is this happening now?

I am too young to be placed in the old group and way too young for these aliments. I even think my knees are even starting to sense rain, but being that we’re in Florida and it rains almost every day, my knees may just be ready to give out on me. What’s a girl to do?  *breathes deep* 

You know what? I’m not sure if kids consider me old or not, but just in case this is the end of my youth, I’m going to have as much fun as I can. So what if I have a messed up neck, gray hair and smell like Bengay; at least the hot flashes haven’t come for me yet!

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