» Are You REALLY Hungry?

Are You REALLY Hungry?

Have you ever been hungry? You know the feeling, your stomach is growling, your head starts hurting, you just start feeling sick, you can’t think straight, and you just feel off!

You know, there are a number of us that are trying to convince people that we are hungry, when we’re really not. How do I know this? Well, when you’re really hungry, you’re not comfortable at all. It hurts, it consumes your thoughts, and  every ounce of you is focused and praying for that next meal. If your hunger for whatever you’re chasing does not feel like that, you need to re-focus and figure out what you should really be out here trying to achieve.

When you’re going for those dream and really hungry for that goal, you may fall from time to time but it doesn’t matter because your hunger drives you to keep going. When doors are closed in your face, it doesn’t stop you because your hunger pains hurt more than rejection. 

I remember a scenes from the movie “Notorious” in which Diddy said this: “Chase the dream! […] I’m hungry! You can throw me butt naked in the jungle and I’ll come out with a chinchilla hat and leopard hat 10 pounds heavier from eatin’ them n*ggas.”

Chase your dreams like your life depends on it! Be hungry!

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